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How much do OCI Cards charge for each application?

We, at OCI Cards, usually charge around £100 for UK customers or USD 125 for every application form. We will fill out the online application form, resize your documents, convert them, and submit everything within the due...

Will an OCI Card expire?

No, after acquiring by providing proper documentation, an OCI Card will never expire. However, you will need to re-issue it every time alongside your passport until you are 20 years old. You will have to do the same again at the age of 50 due to biological changes to...

What is the required documentation to get an OCI Card?

As you probably already know that you can only provide an application for an OCI Card if you have proof of your “Indian Origin.” Aside from it, you might also need to provide the following documents – Affidavit in lieu of Originals Photograph Current...
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