OCI Application For New Zealand Citizens

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Indian origin people in New Zealand can apply for OCI cards with us, We do India oci application, oci card renewals, pio card to oci card conversion agent services in New Zealand.


Best India OCI Application Agent For New Zealand Citizens (Updated 2021)

If you are a New Zealand citizen with backgrounds in India than don’t busy oneself applying for a usual visa as you might be entitled for a OCI Visa card which gives you the opportunity to travel without any restrictions anytime you wish to India as it has life long validity. To find out the full benefits, OCIcards.com is here to answer all your questions and clarify your concerns.Doubts are likely to come about when applying as New Zealand citizen it can be quite a complex process, but our agents are here to provide the support and guide you need over the phone or, if you prefer, video calls are available.

Advantage for OCI Cards

On top of the long list of benefits, OCI visa holders are eligible to enroll in the national pension scheme Moreover, after five years of OCI Visa card, holders are eligible for grant of Indian citizenship, to which there are further advantages such as employment opportunities.

By hiring one of our professional, qualified members of the team, they will provide you with the full list of the advantages and disadvantages of an OCI Visa card for New Zealand citizens. All the information is up to date as laws are changing often and more are implemented. What is more, if you decide to go forward, along with us, in applying for your OCI Visa card, we guarantee that your application does not have any errors and is accepted if the criteria are met.

OCI Renewal & New OCI Application For New Zealand Citizens

If you wish to find out more information, please visit our website as it is fully dedicated to this particular oci visa type for citizens of New Zealand. Don’t miss the chance and opportunity to show your loved ones the beautiful  traditions and amazing culture of India with the peace of mind that you no longer have to apply for the usual visa along with the additional costs .

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