OCI Application For Australia Citizens

£100.00 Per Application

People of Indian origins in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and rest of Australia can apply new oci card with us. we can do oci application, renew oci cards, convert pio card to oci cards, child oci application in Australia.



Best OCI Application Agent For Australia Citizens (Updated 27/02/2020)

OCICARDS.COM now offers full support for Indian origin Australian citizens on applications for OCI cards. We help the citizen of Australia who wishes to apply for OCI application. If you are a child or a grand-child or a great grandchild of a citizen of another country who was a citizen or even was eligible to become a citizen of India at the time or after the commencement of the constitution than you are entitle to apply for this life long OCI Visa and benefit of its full advantages.

Best option for Australian citizen to OCI card

The Constitution of India doesn’t allow Indian citizens holding dual citizenship so this is a very good opportunity for you as an Australian citizen to OCI card and go as often as possible visiting your origins and spending more time on your natal territory as well as showing to future generations their roots. OCICARDS.COM Knows you can have many questions in regards with this so don’t hesitate to contact our highly trained and experienced team who is ready to give you full oci application information and confirm if you are entitle for this application.

Advantage of OCI cards for Australians (Updated 2019)

OCI holders can stay in India as long as they want and there is no requirement for registration. On top of the general benefits of holding this visa just think that this also can help you in getting quicker jobs as multi-national companies are finding it simpler to hire the OCI visa cardholders, this will also save them money and time and hustle as you can benefit from multi entry long life visa, sparing you the need for permits.

Expert OCI Application Agents in Australia

Our qualified oci visa team is here to provide you with the full support in your application, we are making sure you submit the right documents as they are quite a few onto the check list, we will explain you the entire process and as every visa application has its hidden part of it we will share our secrets with you and guide you throughout the way.


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